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Science teacher Gina Thompson is as pragmatic and level headed as the next person except for the perpetual TV announcer that lives in her head and comments on everything she thinks. Her large family drives her crazy by getting her the worst blind dates on the planet. Ken Armstrong is an astrophysicist working at NASA. He is alone except for his grouchy old cat and his grouchy old uncle, Ken’s only family, and he likes it fine that way. Uncle Johann meets Gina and decides ‘she is the one’ for Ken. Through a series of planned mishaps and an icy visit from Mother Nature these two seriously logical people discover that indeed, there is scientific proof of love at first sight.

Silly Southern Snake Stories

Silly Southern Snake Stories

Das Medallion (The Locket)

It is 1980 and a woman is plagued by a recurring dream turned nightmare about a child, a foreign language, and the terrifying world of warfare and danger. Who is the little girl in that dream, and what language is she speaking? In Das Medallion, a novel of suspense and intrigue, Kathryn Scarborough creates a terrifying scenario of retrieved memories and family secrets. American Margaret Richardson is driven by exhaustion caused by a desperate need to know who she is and why her father has lied to her for forty years. In a gritty and often edge-of-your-seat story of deceit and reconciliation, Margaret travels to Germany to discover the truth about her past. With the help - and then the love - of Dutch General Pieter Van Leeuvan, Margaret is able to uncover the mystery behind the woman in the photo, the woman standing next to Adolph Hitler, the woman who could be her twin...or her mother. Who was the woman, and would her passion for this vile leader destroy Margaret's ability to live...and love?

A "choice pick for literary fiction readers" by Midwest Book Reviews:

Even when the truth looks to be painful, it cannot be ignored. "Das Medallion" tells the tale of Margaret Richardson, a woman looking back into her past, a past with strong ties to Nazi Germany. Unknowing of even her truth birth date, she travels to what she believes to be her homeland in order to find what really brought her into this world and the truth she finds may be hurtful. "Das Medallion" is a choice pick for literary fiction readers, recommended.

Das Medallion is the second of three novels in a series. The prequel, about Margaret's father Ian's World War II espionage exploits, will be published in Spring 2010.