Ian Richardson, a bilingual analyst, is recruited by the M.I.5 in the early 30's to gather information about Germany. He finds that the Germans are building up their military and war machines. In London, Ian meets, Elsbet Von Rippenhof, a documentarian, working for the Hindenburg Regime. She and Ian fall in love and marry.

Ian is promoted to lead control officer at M.I.5, where he turns German agents. He and his double agents create misinformation and misdirection to mislead the enemy.

In 1938, Elsbet is recalled to Germany to work for The Third Reich. Ian often goes to Germany to spy and to convince Elsbet to return. Their daughter Margaret is born in 1939. Margret's safety from the Nazi's consumes Elsbet, and she begins a search for information to blackmail the hierarchy of the Third Reich. What she finds keeps her trapped in Germany and seals her fate.
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The Locket
Washington DC 1980

Margaret Richardson never knew her mother. Now that she is almost 40, the dreams she has about a little girl speaking in a foreign language are unending, unsettling, unnerving. What do they mean? Margaret insists that her father tell her who her mother was.

Margaret begins the search for her mother in Rotterdam. There, she meets Dutch general Pieter Van Leeuvan. Margaret and Pie begin to understand and unravel the twisted and often deadly path to Margaret's memories. Memories so vivid and damning that only Margaret can accuse a former Nazi, now a leader in the West German government.

Book two in the exciting Richardson family saga that spans three generations and a world war!
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The Wild Mountain Thyme
Jim O'Flannery, a journalist for The Boston Globe, is teamed with Megan Kennedy of The Irish Times to report on a serial killer in Ireland whose victims are Irish American tourists.

Jim's guardian angel, Seamus, appears, with one goal, to pester and cajole Jim into getting involved with Megan. But Jim doesn't believe in angels, so Seamus turns himself into a leprechaun and as such, sings, plays the harp, and makes himself a nuisance. During one tender moment, he interrupts them with: "There'll be no patty fingers, at least not until the banns are read."

Jim and Megan trail the murderer and piece together his motivation and where he may strike next. An attempt is made on their lives and only Jim's quick wits saves them. Then Megan disappears...can Jim with Seamus's help, save her from mortal danger?
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This Just In
Science teacher Gina Thompson is as pragmatic and level headed as the next person except for the perpetual TV announcer that lives in her head and comments on everything she thinks. Her large family drives her crazy by getting her the worst blind dates on the planet.

Ken Armstrong is an astrophysicist working at NASA. He is alone except for his grouchy old cat and his grouchy old uncle, Ken’s only family, and he likes it fine that way.

Uncle Johann meets Gina and decides ‘she is the one’ for Ken. Through a series of planned mishaps and an icy visit from Mother Nature these two seriously logical people discover that indeed, there is scientific proof of love at first sight.
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