This Just In

Science teacher Gina Thompson is as pragmatic and level headed as the next person except for the perpetual TV announcer that lives in her head and comments on everything she thinks. Her large family drives her crazy by getting her the worst blind dates on the planet. Ken Armstrong is an astrophysicist working at NASA. He is alone except for his grouchy old cat and his grouchy old uncle, Ken’s only family, and he likes it fine that way. Uncle Johann meets Gina and decides ‘she is the one’ for Ken. Through a series of planned mishaps and an icy visit from Mother Nature these two seriously logical people discover that indeed, there is scientific proof of love at first sight.

Did you know:

That the Methodist movement started in England, then became one of the most popular denominations in America?

That Francis Asbury, one of the first bishops of the Methodist Church, rode by carriage and horseback thousands of miles through North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky to preach in fields, taverns, and homes, to thousands of people?

That men from Alamance County, North Carolina, fought the British in the Battle of Alamance six years before the battles of Lexington and Concord?

That one of the first congregations was Salem Church in Haw River, NC. That congregation has worshipped in the same place since 1770?

These and many other interesting facts are found in my new book, “I Long To Be Lost and Swallowed up in God, A Short History of the Methodist Church in America, North carolina, and Alamance County”.