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The Wild Mountain Thyme

My book was recently released from The Wild Rose Press, and I could not be happier with the way it has turned out. The Wild Rose Press is a publishing company filled with considerate, helpful, folks that want to make their authors books the best they can possibly be. My editor, Mary Harmony, I have to say, was long-suffering when it came to getting me to put the commas in the right places, and not over using words like that, or had, or  any number of others. She made the process of editing for me as painless as it could be. When the time came to write the back blurb of the book, the few sentences that grace the back cover of a book to catch a reader’s attention, I found the process more difficult than writing the entire novel. There were days when Mary and I emailed back and forth probably half a dozen times to  get the back cover blurb just right. When a writer has someone like Mary in their corner, how can they do anything but succeed?

Thanks Mary….YOU ROCK

You can check out The Wild Mountain Thyme and Mary’s awesome editing at :

The Wild Rose Press catalog
or at Amazon.com