Deception and the Art of Misinformation

The title of my new book, Deception, came from the parallel plots of the novel itself.
My hero, Ian Richardson, is a control officer for the B. i.a section of the MI5 (WWII, the designations have changed in the modern era). The section dealt with capturing German spies and turning them to work for the British. Many of the stories I used for the novel of spies, intrigue, and misinformation, were taken from actual accounts that I’d researched.
Ian really takes it on the chin from his German wife, Elsbet. They marry in 1933, before all the mess in Germany becomes out of control.  Elsbet leaves Ian to work for the Third Reich. One would not expect Ian and Elsbet’s romance to be anything but rocky and not to end well.
The book delves into how the misinformation the British used to fool the Nazi’s into believing that their ‘Vengeance Weapons’, the V-1 and V-2, pilot-less bombs, hit populated targets instead of meadows and fields.  There are still V-2’s found today buried deep in the countryside.
And that’s the only spoiler I’ll give away for this blog post.
Deception is available on Kindle now.
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