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Ian Richardson, a bilingual analyst, is recruited by the M.I.5 in the early 30's to gather information about Germany. He finds that the Germans are building up their military and war machines. In London, Ian meets, Elsbet Von Rippenhof, a documentarian, working for the Hindenburg Regime. She and Ian fall in love and marry.

Ian is promoted to lead control officer at M.I.5, where he turns German agents. He and his double agents create misinformation and misdirection to mislead the enemy.

In 1938, Elsbet is recalled to Germany to work for The Third Reich. Ian often goes to Germany to spy and to convince Elsbet to return. Their daughter Margaret is born in 1939. Margret's safety from the Nazi's consumes Elsbet, and she begins a search for information to blackmail the hierarchy of the Third Reich. What she finds keeps her trapped in Germany and seals her fate.

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